Steve Schapiro: Taxi Driver par -

Steve Schapiro: Taxi Driver par -

Titre de livre: Steve Schapiro: Taxi Driver

Auteur: -

Broché: 400 pages

Date de sortie: March 5, 2013

ISBN: 383654198X

Éditeur: TASCHEN Gmbh

Nom de fichier: steve-schapiro-taxi-driver.pdf

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You talkin' to me? This title features previously unseen photographs from Scorsese's masterpiece. "Taxi Driver" has long been regarded as a cinematic milestone, and Robert DeNiro's portrait of a trigger-happy psychopath with a mohawk is widely believed to be one of the greatest performances ever filmed. "Time" magazine includes the film in its list of 100 Greatest Movies, saying: "The power of Scorsese's filmmaking grows ever more punishing with the passage of time." Steve Schapiro - whose photographs were featured in TASCHEN's "Godfather Family Album" - was the special photographer on the set of "Taxi Driver", capturing the film's most intense and violent moments from behind the scenes. This book - more than a film still book but a pure photo book on its own - features hundreds of unseen images selected from Schapiro's archives, painting a chilling portrait of a deranged gunman in the angry climate of the post-Vietnam era.